Traditional Freemasonry in a few lines

Traditional Freemasonry.
Traditional Freemasonry is an initiatory association. Since its official founding in London in 1717, its project has been summed up in a few words: to make a good man a better man. For the Freemason, this is the work of a lifetime, the fruit of a journey that is above all personal and free. For the Masonic Order, this is a permanent challenge that has not been denied the topicality for three centuries.

Traditional Freemasons are convinced that it is by improving oneself that man can actively participate in the improvement of humanity. Reflecting and meditating on symbols is the path they choose to take to achieve this. Bringing together more than 2.5 million men around the world today is characteristic of the Masonic process and in this sense stands out from all other paths.

Represented in our country by the Grand Lodge Regular of Belgium (RGLB), traditional Freemasonry affirms the existence of the Supreme Being, whom Freemasons around the world refer to as the “Grand Architect of the Universe ”and that they have complete freedom to design.

They are deeply respectful of all religious beliefs. Above all, they consider that questioning oneself is an essential step in the search for the meaning of life.

Freemasons refrain from any discussion of a political, religious, or societal nature during their meetings. Doesn't history show that at all times these questions divide more than they unite? There are also many organizations and places that are better suited for this purpose.

Reflection and symbolic research, but also fraternity, recognition, and respect for others, listening, generosity, friendliness, love of life: these are some of the essential values ??to which Freemasons, members of the GLRB, are attached and that they are open to sharing.

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But you should know already that in Freemasonry, the time that elapses does not matter …