Ars Macionica - Who are we ?.

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In 1991, a national forum was organized for the first time by the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium, in Charleroi, to reflect with all its members on a series of themes related to the successes and failures of the Obedience. One of the conclusions was that it was necessary to seek an appropriate form of dissemination of serious information about Freemasonry, ensuring its culture and spirituality, both within the Obedience and externally. One of the immediate consequences was the creation of a study publication: Acta Masonica.

The enthusiasm generated by this forum remained active among a few passionate Brothers. This was followed by the idea of creating a Study Lodge, by analogy with other foreign Obediences. The initiative was supported by the Sponsoring Lodges, "Le Marquis de Gages" No. 8 in the Orient of Waterloo and "La Fidélité" No. 13 in the Orient of Ghent. The consecration of the carpet of the new Study Lodge, which received the name "Ars Macionica", was organized on February 26, 1994, in the Grand Temple of Rue Royale, in Brussels. Simultaneously, a decision was made that the Research Lodge would oversee the editing of the Acta Masonica, renamed Acta Macionica for the sake of uniformity.

The founders of "Ars Macionica" decided to work in the Modern French Rite, just like the Grand Lodge. They chose the color "dark blue" and, for the seal and jewel, the famous owl depicted on the reverse of the Athenian drachma - a symbol of wisdom and capable of seeing in darkness. As a motto, they opted for a quote from the Acts of the Apostles (IV,20), when Peter opposed the Pharisees with the phrase "non possumus non loqui" (We cannot remain silent).

Since its consecration, "Ars Macionica," faithful to its initial declaration, organizes three conferences each year, for which leading specialists with an international profile are invited each time. Additionally, the Lodge works tirelessly on the drafting of the annual volume of Acta Macionica. At the same time, each Lodge of the Obedience designates one of its members as a delegate for "Ars Macionica," with the mission of disseminating information among the Brothers, encouraging them to attend the conferences and other public events of the Study Lodge, and promoting the dissemination of the Acta. Recently, a Correspondence Circle has been established for all interested parties (Freemasons or not).