A new Grand Master at the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium (RGLB)

Daniel Bauwens is the new Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium. He was officially installed on Saturday, June 2, 2018, in the presence of 500 Regular Masons, among whom 120 came especially from abroad. Some 45 regular Grand Lodges from all continents were represented, including 20 by their Grand Master. This event, which takes place every four years in Belgium, is of particular importance in the World Masonic Universe. It is for three days an opportunity for meetings and intense informal exchanges in Brussels between Masons from all over the world.
There are several distinct Grand Lodges in Belgium, structured according to two orientations: one, mainly spiritualist, historically the oldest (it officially appeared in London in 1717), represents more than 80% of active Masons throughout the world. The spiritualist orientation is represented in Belgium exclusively by the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium (GLRB) with its 58 Lodges active in 29 cities and its 2000 members (male).
The other orientation is predominantly societal: it emerged in Belgium and France during the 19th century, it has gradually engaged actively in political and social life. Its importance in the world is limited.
The spiritual masonry practiced by the GLRB brings together men who qualify themselves as « believers”, coming from the most diverse religious traditions. It rejects any form of intervention in political, religious and, more generally, societal affairs. Its sole purpose is to help make a good man a better man through the practice of the symbolic methodology, to enable him to contribute individually and more effectively to the improvement of society